Typical Bookkeeper Interview Questions

The most common questions asked by the interviewers.

After applying for dozens of vacancies and doing hundreds of searches over the Internet and the newspapers, the opportunity for an interview finally appears. Therein does that fear, that insecurity of “what if I do something wrong and put everything to waste?”.

To minimize this risk you need to anticipate and know everything that can happen during this stage of the selection process. For this, bookkeeperco.com.au has prepared a complete list of the questions – and of the answers – more frequent that the interviewers usually do.

Simulate the interview several times until you feel confident in answering all the questions. Read carefully, practice and good luck !!!

  1. Talk about yourself.

This response should be very well practiced. Try to be succinct, direct and focus the results. Talk only about professional matters.

  1. What are your short-term goals?

Be specific. “I want to be a bookkeeper,” for example.

  1. What are your long-term goals?

Speak in professional terms, being very objective: be director of engineering, general manager or something similar. Also show that you have set goals, intend to take courses, MBA and languages to be an even better worker for bookkeepers Melbourne. It is advisable not to refer to private life.

  1. What do you look for in a particular job?

Challenge, involvement and chance to contribute to the company, that is one of the best answers.

  1. Are you able to work under pressure and with defined deadlines?

Yes. Give examples of situations experienced in your previous work.

  1. Why should we hire you? How can you contribute to the company’s growth and development?

Count the benefits you will bring and how you can, with your performance, generate profits for the company.

  1. What do you know about our organization? What attracts you to her?

To best answer this question, you need to prepare yourself by doing a search on the company. The best ways to find information are on the company’s own website, in magazines and by talking to people who work and work on bookkeepers Melbourne. See more.

  1. Talk about results you have achieved that have given you great satisfaction. List the greatest achievements in your career or your current job.

Choose well these achievements and mention the most recent and consistent with your professional goal.

  1. What are your strengths?

Discuss the universally desired characteristics such as enthusiasm, persistence, dedication, creativity, initiative (proactivity) responsibility and competence in the technical area.

  1. What are your weaknesses?

Never mention anything very negative. Respond to what is in reality positive, just as overly demanding, impatient, perfectionist.

  1. What did not you like about your previous job? Why did you leave (or want to leave) the company?

You must say you liked the job. Never complain, you should never speak badly. Do not point out defects of previous employment. If you have been fired tell the reason. If you are going out of your own accord, tell them that you are looking for new challenges and learning.

  1. Could you describe a situation in which your work has been criticized?

You should not acknowledge criticism of your work, but say that sometimes it was discussed and with that, you have always learned and grown. For more amazing tips, visit bookkeeperco.com.au.

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